Before going right to A/C, try ceiling fans or, better yet, a whole house fan.  A whole house fan is installed in the ceiling of your home and sucks out all the heat while pulling in the cool air from the outside.  It’s best to do this in the evening or the early morning obviously.  One of these babies can keep your house cool throughout most of the day and they really are remarkable at how quickly they can change the temperature of your home.

Ceiling fans are great, too.  They are not as effective as a whole house fan, but the wind chill generated by one of these puppies can lower the temperature of a room by a few – very important – degrees.

It is best to beat the heat with fans and good energy conservation techniques if you want to save money and energy, but sometimes the heat is just too much and it becomes time to crank up the A/C.  If you do not have one, should you purchase one and install it yourself.  We recommend that you don’t.  There are plenty of heating and air San Diego contractors who can do it for you and in the long run, it will be worth it.  A professional is far better knowing which unit is best for your home.  This will not only cool your home more efficiently, but it can save you a ton of money by eliminating wasteful energy costs.

For more energy saving tips and to find a heating and air San Diego professional in your area go to Heating and Air San Diego.

When searching for a specialist in heating and air, San Diego can pose some great opportunities.  One might think that the climate would limit the pool of resources for such professionals.  Indeed, San Diego boasts the best climate in the country, but what many who haven’t lived here don’t know, is that it can get quite cold in the winter in some areas and quite hot during the summer.  Unique climates can actually present some challenges for heating and air; San Diego being among them.  For example, during the summer, it is not uncommon for the temperature to change up to one degree for every mile one travels inland, making a comfortable day at the beach almost unbearable in the inland communities such as Escondido, Poway, La Mesa, El Cajon, Ramona, Lakeside and Santee.

So given these challenges, what should one look for when hiring a heating and air, San Diego contractor?  First, hire such a contractor the same way you would hire any other contractor.  Referrals are always good, but it is not uncommon to perform a Google search to find your contractor.  Type in the term “heating and air san diego” in the search engine and you will get over a million results.  The first 2 or 3 will be presented in a pink shaded box.  These are sponsored links, which means they paid to be there.  Do not automatically choose these as they are simply advertisements.  Those listed to the right are sponsored links as well.  Stick to the “organic” search results first.  Those are in the main area just below the pink shaded box.  These contractors earned the right to be placed at the top of the search engine.

Next, check the website for a license number and make sure it is valid.  Check with the California State License Board.  Do not rely on the license alone, however.  Getting a state license for heating and air is very easy and companies exist that almost give the contractors the answers to the exam.

As with any contractor, ask for references and do your due diligence to check each and everyone until you are satisfied.  Oddly enough, some contractors unknowingly give unfavorable references.  I guess they don’t think anyone will check.  You should.